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.......................SAY STOP .......................TREAT IT SIMPLY .......................ENOUGH .......................FORGET ABOUT DISEASE .......................WITHSTAND .......................ONLY SEEN UNSHAKABLE .......................STOP AND PREVENT .......................

Progenitors of respiratory gymnastic is Alexandra Severovna Strelnikova, and her daughter Alexandra Nikolayevna Strelnikova.Methodic consist from combined respiratory and physical training’s. Methodic gives 100% result even when traditional drugs and therapies useless. In Russian this methodic are very popular and recover millions. Now, respiratory gymnastic of Strelnikova be considered as Russian national gymnastic.

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What is it (Learn more)...

The human can long-time live without meal or water, this can tolerate the pain and need, sufferings and humiliations, but this absolutely can not live without breathings. The breathing is life.
Creating its gymnastic, Strelnikova came to conclusion that thousand years ego people, depending of that conditions in which pass the human life, must breathe different. How? The Answer to this question simple - numan constantly must sniff.

First gymnastic was created to return voice, train heart and recover from neuroses. But in the process of using it, discovered that it can successfully threat much more diseases than can imagine. As it was known later, exactly aim of founding universal treatment system pursued A. S. and A.N. Strelnikova's.

What is paradoxical respiratory gymnastic of Strelnikovas? It is the system of respiratory exercises. It presents from itself facility of treatment, gymnastic, and system of drill the body. This system of health strengthening, which helps, also prevent diseases.
Why Strelnikovas gymnastic named paradoxical? Because it is system of respiratory exercises is founded on principle that inhale is doing at the moment of motion, compressing thorax. The main attention in paradoxical respiratory gymnastic of Strelnikovas given to breath. The Breath strong, noisy, emotional, passionate - here is base method. And one more important element - special motions. The Paradoxical respiratory gymnastic of Strelnikova not simply respiratory system. On its fulfillment involved to work all muscles. Thats why it positively influences on whole organism. The Paradoxical respiratory gymnastic fit for all people: Sick and sound, young and elder, men and women. Good engaged with it also children. Particularly, how indicate A. N. Strelnikova, when exercises are conducted in playing form.
Methodic are excellent preventive mean from different diseases. After several exercises the volume of lungs increases, felt physical and emotional ascent. It has and psychological effect distracting from bed thoughts, raising mood, consolidating faith in itself, in their own possibilities. It gives the power for people, belives that diseases possible to win.



One of the thousand EXAMPLEs (L. Barinova, 48 years, Moscow).


Want full methodic? .... Tell me about it!

Who are me

Mihail Shetinin only one disciple and creative heir of Alexandra Nikolayevna Strelnikova.
24 years ego I was astmatic, with nose trauma. During much time my nose not let pass the air, I suffocated. I did all, even method of Buteyko was useless. Alexandra Nikolayevna Strelnikova saved me. The speed and mechanism of treatment are amazed me and I understand how much people could be healthy and happy using it. That's why I working on poularization of methodic. My life is full by help to people, and it is not beautiful words. I get secondary medical education for instill gymnastic to clinical practice. I carrying out precept of my teacher - to help people with this methodic.
I not afraid to say fine words but owing to our gymnastic decrease or absolutely disappear wide range of diseases. Every week I conducting public exercises and reading free lectures for great number of people. In 2001 publish gymnastic in a book format to all Russia Federation that get bestseller.

Contact information

Manager of project: Gapirov Bahtiyar Kamilovich
Scientific advisor:
Mihail Nikolayevich Shetinin
714000 Kyrgyzstan, Osh city, Lenina str. 428.
Office phone:

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RUSSIAN INSTITUTE of ALLERGY and ASTHMA / RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENSES / Scientific center of heart-vascular surgery of A. N Bakulev.

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